About Us

Bilka Shipping CO

Bilka Shipping and Garanti Shipping who had been established in order to construct and do technical and commercial managements of their own, are giving services in shipping sector since 1996.
Bilka Shipping and Garanti Shipping have separated from their partner companies at January 2012 and going ahead by the leadership of Founder and Chairman Mr. Bilal Kadayificioglu without any personel or institutional partner.
With its professional staff, Garanti Denizcilik operates its own tanker fleet in all ports around the world.
Main mission is to provide safe, reliable , high quality service to clients.
Garanti Shipping and Bilka Shipping have also constructed 5 chemicals tankers which are total 46.000 DWT and exported to world shipping market.
Garanti Shipping has high quality services which are supported by ISO 9001:2000 quality, 14001:2004 environment and ABS DOC certificates.
Garanti Shipping construct also modern super yachts and export to world yacht market under CBK YACHTS brand.
Garanti Shipping have also activities of petroleum product storage, distribution and franchise under brand of BILPET.